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One Unified Platform. Multiple services

Discover the next generation of CEM, incident detection, and response solution built for the digital world.

One Unified Platform.  Multiple services

Zapoj - Solutions


Situational awareness and Risk Intelligence

Incident communications

Major Incident

Mass communications


IT Event communications

IT Event management

Team communications and collaboration hub

Response team communications and collaboration hub

How Zapoj Platform Works?

Zapoj SaaS Products enable organizations to automate the process of managing critical events and team communications in one cohesive platform.

Zapoj is the only cloud-based business communication platform in the world, architected on a single code base to deliver multi-tenant capability with high security, speed, scale & resiliency necessary to communicate globally either for Critical Event Management communications, Team communications, collaborations, or for Mass communications.



Zapoj Visual Risk Intelligence helps visualize and orchestrate critical event management (CEM). When a risk is detected near an asset, people or supply chain location, Risk Intelligence automatically generates an alert and provides tools to discover and take immediate action to mitigate the impact. This empowers your team to know early, know the Situation to Act Now.

Visual Risk Intelligence enables organizations to
  • Gain common operating picture from internal & external threats
  • Act with confidence and improve the efficiency of Security Operational Teams
  • More management controls
  • Reduce costs and disruptions


Zapoj Incident Management can quickly launch response teams when a risk event impacts an asset or business. Further notifies all impacted people using a combination of pre-built workflows per Risk Event type, personnel, procedures and multi-model communications that work together in an emergency to react, understand and respond for Incident Response teams.

Critical Event Management solutions enable organizations to
  • Build workflow intelligence per Risk Event to reduce errors
  • Highly customized to meet business needs and verticals
  • Improves Mean time to Resolve
  • Ensure consistent messaging
  • Alert only staff who is on duty or on-call
  • Assign tasks for response teams to follow up
  • Incident and communication tracking for compliance needs


With inbuilt communication and collaboration services, response teams can collaborate either on chatops or web audio/video conference calls, and as well securely share relevant standard operating procedure documents or checklists to follow and update tasks assigned to them.

Response Teams collaborations enables organizations to
  • One platform for response teams and their work
  • Create virtual war rooms using web conferences no matter where your response teams are
  • Provide visibility into who’s doing what, when services, impacted assets or supply chains are restored, which response teams need help
  • Build an end to end secure communication and collaborations


Incident Management teams can examine or make sure if impacted business operations, assets, services or people are fully restored or if there is a need for another means of notifications to be sent to response teams until a proper communication is established.

Ensure business operations are back to normal
  • Validated responses, update relevant stakeholders
  • Post-mortem analysis
  • Make sure responses adhere to the regulatory compliance


“Know how it went”- with analytics applied throughout the process to understand the existence of any delays or bottlenecks in resolving events, and with key metrics for managing efficient process improvement over time.

In-built Analytics provides organization insights into
  • Meantime to track an incident by response teams
  • Meantime to resolve the incident
  • Response team’s performance
  • Lapses in business continuity procedures

Ready to be in control?

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