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Accelerate and streamline crisis response

In the event of any disruptions, Zapoj CEM quickly activates crisis response plans and loops in the right people immediately based on on-call schedules.
Working through such disruptions would be highly stressful and Zapoj CEM helps users from going panic with access to easy-to-navigate workflows and design workflows per crisis scenarios.


Accelerate Response Team Activations for Major Incidents

Zsuite Major incident management system is a combination of self configurable critical event workflows per incident type integrated with response team on-call calendars, standard operating procedures and critical communications that all work together in an emergency to react, understand and respond to the critical incidents. Further Zsuite enables response teams to collaborate using task-based assignments and tracking to handle the incidents and communicate via chat and video conferences as needed.

This keeps everyone transparent to the ground situation from key stakeholders to on-field employees and a greater visibility to monitor the situation in real time. Improves response effectiveness through exercises and testing of your response plans. Ensure compliance, while identifying gaps in your plans and areas for improvement.


Deliver Mass Notifications Efficiently to Reach Millions

During Critical event response, Crisis Management teams should be able to reach Key Stakeholders (Customers or Employees) to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Zsuite Mass communication enables organizations to send messages in multiple formats according to the urgency of the situation and contact preference (text message, email, phone call, or mobile app). Senders can also select multiple formats for urgent messages.

Design your workflows per crisis scenarios to detect events early and trigger a predefined workflow, alerting necessary staff and customers using lists, locations, and Geo intelligence.

With Redundant Platforms equipped with rollover capabilities and deployed across multiple data centers around the world, notifications are guaranteed to always be sent. Reliable alerting delivers emergency notifications to millions of recipients through any device including Voice Calls, Email, SMS and more.


Automate IT Incident Response and Minimize Downtime

Zsuite IT Event Alerting helps major incident managers respond faster and minimize downtime by ensuring that the right IT staff are engaged as quickly as possible, stakeholders stay informed and impacted users are notified.

Pre-configure Incident templates with response team members who need to be notified in specific incidents so you can alert them with one click. Launch auto-escalating alerts that continue to ping anyone across designated channels until the message is acknowledged. Easily set up Chatops and video conference bridges within the Zapoj platform to bring critical users together to resolve issues faster.

On-call management capabilities make it simple to distribute on-call responsibilities across your teams. With intuitive, flexible scheduling and escalations, organizations can ensure the right people are notified every time.


Ready to be in control?

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