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CEM for Digital Operations

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, real-time operations have become a new norm for organizations. This approach ensures that every team, team member, department, and leader is fully engaged, informed, and aligned to make the best possible decisions and act upon them promptly, especially in high-pressure situations. With Zapoj CEM for Digital Operations, you can achieve real-time operations and bring all stakeholders onto the same platform for better collaboration, situational awareness, and streamlined response to Digital events.

Digital Operations

How it Works


Major incident management

Transform unpredictable IT incident response with end-to-end Incident response automation for your IT operations teams. This allows for swift resolution of major incidents, such as malware attacks, system failures, and service outages, leading to the prevention of future occurrences. By doing so, you can protect your revenue and improve your customer experience.

Major incident management
  • Automatically initiate incident response processes by leveraging IT monitoring data feeds.
  • Mobilize responders by sending notifications over Voice calls, SMS , Email and Push notifications.
  • Align IT Services, Teams and their on-call schedules to get both clarity and accountability of Service Ownership.
  • Automated Incident escalations process based on Business service SLA response times.
  • Coordinated response through a conference bridge.
  • In-build real time collaboration using Chatops.
  • Real-time decision making with stakeholder insights.
  • Bi-directional Integration with ITSM solution ( ServiceNow, Remedy, Jira etc.) to automatically create Incidents.
Major incident management

Prevent Application and infrastructure disruptions

With no-code or low-code integrations, Zapoj can ingest real-time alerts from your monitoring tools, group similar alerts into incidents automatically, and only send relevant information to teams based on service ownership. This feature enables your DevOps and ITOps teams to focus on new innovations instead of being distracted by monitoring tool alerts and involving the right team at the right time using event intelligence

  • No alert fatigue and burn down on IT teams.
  • Minimizing interruptions improve IT Application development, SRE , Database teams performance.
  • Machine learning and rule based alert suppression and automated mapping of alerts to Incidents.
  • Rapid identification of high-priority issues
  • Automated workflows for faster resolution
Prevent Application and infrastructure disruptions

Gain Situational awareness and Service Ownership

Provide your IT operations and stakeholders with real-time situational awareness of your service status and interdependencies to understand the scope of impact on customers quickly. Simplify incident response across your entire service architecture by mapping services and ownership to engage the appropriate responder within minutes.

  • Focus on Service not on incidents.
  • Clarity in the face of confusion by deciphering complex digital signals into actionable insights.
  • By defining IT service upstream / downstream dependencies, it is easy to deal with customer impacting issues and prioritize Incident response.
  • Streamline and speed up incident response by mapping Services, Teams , On-call , SLA and Monitoring data.
  • Focus on Service availability.
Gain Situational awareness and Service Ownership

Automate Cybersecurity response & resilience

Protect your IT services and infrastructure from serious threats and vulnerabilities by integrating security monitoring tools and external cyber threat intelligence feeds from Zapoj CEM Platform. With this integration, you can streamline and automate your response to cybersecurity attacks or breaches, ensuring that your systems and data are safeguarded from potential damage.

Automate Cybersecurity response & resilience
  • Consistent and contextual awareness of IT vulnerabilities
  • Rapid feedback from security team through IT alerting
  • Fast on-call support through digital workflows
  • Real-time status updates and closure of tickets
  • Audit history for incident management improvement
Automate Cybersecurity response & resilience

All-in-One Digital Operation Management software for your IT Resilience

Enables your digital teams to Automate, orchestrate, and accelerate IT Service disruption response across your digital infrastructure.

Leverage Zapoj CEM across digital operations teams

Enhance the capabilities of your digital teams by providing them with advanced automation tools that enable them to efficiently and accurately coordinate the appropriate response in any situation

Incident Management Team
Incident Management Team
  • Only the correct people are notified, at the right time, via the right communication path.
  • Record and report everything that transpires during an incident (who, how, when and how long).
  • Automated workflows, improve mean time to identify (mtti) & mean time to validate (mttv).
Operations Team
Operations Team
  • Immediately reduce the noise & fatigue associated with non-relevant alerts coming from multiple monitoring & ticketing tools.
  • Unified communication & collaborations among responders.
  • Improve productivity of responders and there by reduce mean time to ack (mtta) & mean time to resolve (mttr).
  • Resiliency of organization to critical IT events.
  • Reduce skill gap in employees.
  • Overall business availability and bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Operations Management is the use of technology, automation, and data analytics to improve and optimize the operations of a business. It aims to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. This can include managing IT infrastructure, supply chain operations, production processes, and customer service. It also involves monitoring and analyzing data from these areas in order to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. Digital Operations Management is a critical component of digital transformation and is essential for businesses to stay competitive in today's digital economy.
Zapoj IT Event Management is a critical event management platform that allows organizations to proactively detect, respond and recover from IT incidents and events that can impact the availability and performance of their IT systems and services. It includes features such as event correlation, automated incident response, and real-time reporting, as well as integration with other IT service management tools. Whether it supports full service ownership or end-to-end digital operations management depends on the specific capabilities of the Zapoj IT Event Management platform and how it is implemented within the organization. It's recommended to check with the vendor for more information about the specific features and capabilities of the platform.
Zapoj's IT Event Management solution supports full service ownership, which means that the platform is able to manage and monitor all aspects of an IT service, from infrastructure to application level. This includes monitoring for performance issues, identifying and resolving errors, and automating incident response. Additionally, Zapoj's IT Event Management solution also provides reporting and analytics capabilities to help organizations gain insight into their IT services and identify areas for improvement.
Zapoj supports native integrations with Datadog, Dynatrace , Grafana / Prometheus , New relic , Manage Engine and many more for more. And for more information please refer to integrations. In addition to native app based integrations, Zapoj IT Event Management provides Event API, via which the user can integrate pretty much any monitoring tool.

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