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CEM for High Tech Industry

Critical events are inevitable. Hi-tech companies must build robust emergency preparedness efforts that help protect their business infrastructure. As they seek business continuity and operational resilience 一 stakeholders, leaders, and emergency response teams can ensure that they can prevent the impacts of business disruptions on their operations. Unpredictable or unforeseen incidents require leaders in the technology sector to take care of services and safeguard business information while ensuring high-tech leaders can anticipate, respond to, and restore operational efficiency at scale. Automate your crisis response and disaster recovery with Zapoj CEM.

CEM for High Tech Industry

Protect all your equipment

Critical events, encompassing active shooters, cyber-attacks, and technology failure can impact the operational efficiency of your critical equipment. Reach distributed crisis response team with an automated and multi-modal emergency alert to get back to operations with minimal business impacts.

Optimize Zapoj CEM to gain situational awareness of the evolving situations across your sites that accommodate your critical equipment. Assess, identify, and mitigate risk without spending more time in finding the fault equipment and rapidly fixing the critical issues.
Hardware or software failures can result in lost revenues for high-tech operations. Minimize the impact of equipment failure by automating restoration responses for your teams and reduce financial impacts.
Safeguard your critical assets and keep your business running. Anticipate incidents, and identify only the assets that are susceptible to failure, so that your response team mobilizes resources in real-time and prevents costly failure.
Protect all your equipment

Embrace powerful supply chain operations

Drive digitalization of your supply chain operations by adopting Zapoj CEM which provides end-to-end visibility across every touch point from the warehouse to the path and to the customer destination. Gain predictive analytics and anticipate threats from severe weather, man-made disasters, and public unrest to minimize impacts in real time.

Zapoj CEM has enhanced offerings to help leaders optimize supply chain processes at every level. Powered by location technology and visual risk intelligence, we can offer end-to-end solutions to supply chain needs.
Zapoj integrates AIML and deep learning into its CEM capabilities to provide visual risk intelligence that helps analyze unstructured data derived from IoT devices on supply chain systems. Layering it over the dashboard to build a common operating picture helps build a holistic vulnerability assessment behavior.
For the hi-tech supply chain, it is about monitoring thousands of locations, warehouses, and multiple sites to track their ongoing operations. Use Zapoj to visualize what is happening to the shipments 一 and use real-time alerts to prevent incidents.
Embrace powerful supply chain operations

Protect your high-tech facilities

Depending on the various disruption touchpoints, maintaining safe and operable conditions is a more pressing concern for facility managers. Using Zapoj CEM technology gives facility managers the ability to respond and mitigate vulnerabilities to facility operations quickly.

For a disaster like a fire breakout, active-shoot-out, an emergency response team can help people stay compliant with the necessary safety measures using rapid communication and collaboration tools inside of the Zapoj CEM software.
Zapoj provides the leading critical event management solutions which give high-tech leaders endless possibilities to react to incidents or disasters in real-time and reduce the mean time to respond.
Use location intelligence to identify threats to your facilities during critical events. Strategize with advanced data analytics and build an action plan, helping you better optimize spaces and improve your disaster recovery processes.
Protect your high-tech facilities

Leverage automated IT response

IT system outages cause expensive technical glitches, that are serious concerns for business continuity and restoration of operations for hi-tech IT firms. Improving IT incident response and restoration has a better approach to dealing with business continuity and customer service. Zapoj CEM helps you achieve business continuity and disaster recovery efficiently.

Emergency leaders can easily integrate Zapoj into their existing IT infrastructure to pull data that greatly helps in examining data and getting actionable insights into upcoming threats and building robust and resilient IT systems.
Automating IT incident response is critical to collaborating with the right team and having the team ready to minimize the impacts. Get Zapoj and get end-to-end communication solutions to address the issues faster.
From accurate and real-time IT incident communication and collaboration to message escalation and automation, Zapoj CEM helps leaders manage proactively IT incidents and bring operational efficacy.
Leverage automated IT response

Keep your people safe

An AI-based critical event management tool gives contextual information, and situational awareness, including the dynamic ability to enable critical communications and emergency notifications anytime and anywhere, helping you keep your people safe and informed.

Critical events like hurricanes, earthquakes, or mass shootings put your people’s safety at risk. Zapoj offers mass notifications and global threat intelligence supports to help overcome employee safety challenges.
By escalating notifications across every device type including the desktop, mass notifications can rapidly reach out to the right people who need them during a critical time. Location intelligence ensures accuracy.
By building end-to-end visibility into the employee movement and the probability of their vulnerability to the infection, high-tech industry leaders keep every employee informed and safe in critical situations.
Keep your people safe

Zapoj for Hi-Tech Industry

Zapoj enables a wide variety of applications like Mass Notification, Communication, Collaboration, and IT Incident Management – highly useful and beneficial for hi-tech leaders to use in real-time and tap into their potential in the most critical situation. Leverage the Zapoj CEM platform to utilize emergency alerts for any type of severe weather and for critical incidents like an active shooter, fire, and IT outages. By delivering AIML capabilities in its CEM platform, Zapoj enables leaders to tap into the power of visual risk intelligence, crisis communications, and incident management capabilities that help manage incidents and minimize the impacts of disruptions on the high-tech industry. Ensure people’s safety, business management, and continuity to build safer and better high-tech innovations and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zapoj Critical Event Management (CEM) platform can support various use cases for the Hightech industry, including:
  1. Coordinating emergency response: In the event of an emergency, CEM can help transportation companies quickly mobilize resources and coordinate with first responders to minimize the impact of the incident on operations and passengers.
  2. Compliance and regulatory management: CEM can help transportation companies stay compliant with regulations and industry standards by providing real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities.
  3. Cybersecurity: CEM can help transportation companies to detect and respond to cyber threats, protecting against data breaches and other security incidents.
  4. IT Event Management and alerting: CEM can be used to monitor various IT systems and applications and provide alerts to staff when a potential issue is detected. This can help to identify and resolve issues before they become major problems, helping to minimize downtime and improve overall performance
  5. Managing IT outages: CEM can help transportation companies to minimize downtime and quickly restore services during IT outages.
  6. Managing Cybersecurity Risks: CEM can help transportation companies to identify and respond to cybersecurity threats, such as hacking attempts, malware infections, and other malicious activity.

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