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CEM for People Resilience & Life Safety

Elevate your people's safety during a crisis or potential harm with Zapoj's Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS). Stay connected with them anytime and anywhere while receiving contextual information through visual risk intelligence and location-aware technology to locate, communicate, and protect them in real-time.

People & Life Safety

Duty of Care for each and every critical event

Accomplish your duty of care responsibilities to support your employee safety objectives for growth. Leverage the end-to-end CEM solutions that improve real-time crisis communications and notifications in minimizing impacts to operations.

  • Enable real-time, location-aware, two-way employee messaging across multiple channels, anytime and anywhere.
  • Gain insights into potential threats to people whether they are working on-premises, remote, on the field, or traveling, with Visual risk intelligence.
  • Quickly address any incidents affecting the safety, security, health, and well-being of your workforce.
  • Ensure the safety, security, health, and wellness of your lone workers through automated check-ins, establishing safe corridors to mitigate risks and monitor employee well-being.
  • Handle Active Shooter Incidents with confidence using Effective communication and situational awareness, and involving law enforcement agencies to address the critical situation.
Duty of Care for each and every critical event

Covid 19 recovery and Return to Work

Empower your employees to safely return to work by mitigating COVID-19 risks. With our solution, employees can carefully plan their return to the workspace and reestablish pre-pandemic levels of safety and operations through a single pane of glass. Our risk assessment and response actions enable a safer working environment for all.

  • Develop a secure and enduring approach to return-to-work that enables efficient handling of vaccination status, facility occupancy, and worker location.
  • Inform your employees, visitors, and personnel about location-specific safety standards and procedures to follow.
  • Stay informed on global infectious disease risks in 175 countries, including tracking of virus hotspots, travel restrictions, quarantines, and more to protect employees in any location.
  • Stay compliant with ISO/PAS 45005:2020(en) Occupational health and safety management.
Covid 19 recovery and Return to Work

Streamline Travelling Employee Risk Management

Effectively address travel risk incidents by leveraging our travel advisor intelligence across all countries, and enhance the safety of your traveling employees through timely and comprehensive pre-trip briefings, real-time intelligence updates, as well as reliable medical and travel assistance services.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest ISO 3130 guidelines and ensure all critical components of travel risk management are covered.
  • Multi-channel traveler communication with essential destination information - visas, documents, vaccinations, security, health, laws, culture.
  • Zapoj "Employee Safety First" mobile app prioritizes employee safety by providing real-time alerts on emerging threats or live incidents that may affect their location.
  • The SOS feature in the mobile app provides employees with 24/7 access to request urgent assistance during life safety incidents.
Streamline Travelling Employee Risk Management

Centralize All Your People Safety and Wellbeing Processes into a Unified Work Health and Safety Management System

Empowers your safety personnel to make better decisions wherever they are, driving your Safety program forward.

Leverage Zapoj CEM across people resilience teams

Zapoj's People Resilience solutions enable businesses to anticipate and manage critical events, ensuring the well-being, safety, and productivity of their employees regardless of their location or travel itinerary worldwide.

Team Oriented
Team Oriented
  • Recover Operations
  • Protect Your People
  • Know the Landscape
Global Cross Vertical

Configurable for local regulations and employee experience around the world.

  • Built for Critical Event Management
  • Turnkey Implementation
  • Private & Secure
  • Leverage your Investment beyond COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the use cases of CEM for People and Life Safety
  • Employee or contractor injury Management
  • Lone Worker Management
  • Wellbeing Reporting
  • Wellness checks and Reminders
  • Vaccination Management
  • Job Safety and Hazard Analysis
  • Standards compliance like OSHA.
  • Security of traveling employee

Zapoj platform provides integrations to collect data from access control systems, wireless networks and travel itineraries. During a critical event, Visual Risk Intelligence dynamically helps you determine who is near or headed to an area of risk as threat alert, so that SOC teams can launch an Emergency Notification to people in harm's way.

Zapoj CEM provides real-time updates and alerts on critical events, allowing you to make informed decisions and take swift action to ensure the safety of your people and assets. Its advanced analytics and automation capabilities enable you to prioritize risks and allocate resources efficiently, minimizing the impact of any disruption.
Yes, Zapoj CEM is highly customizable, and allows you to create and modify incident response workflows, communication templates, and analytics dashboards to meet your organization's specific needs.
Zapoj CEM is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, and does not require specialized IT skills to implement. Our team provides you with training and support to ensure that you can use the platform effectively and get the most out of its features.

Take the first step towards improving People Resilience

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