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CEM for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies face a variety of challenges that lead to operational downtime and in turn impact profitability. CEM helps manufacturing companies in reacting and responding faster to the issues related to - supply chain management issues, physical impacts on production units, machinery failures, Failures in execution of IOT and Automation, Issues in planning of sales distribution channels and other key areas. These areas of business might be impacted by any kind of disaster, be it natural disasters, man or machine made errors, pandemics and more that could impact people, assets or any other profit centers.

CEM for Manufacturing Industry

Handling Unexpected Equipment Failures

Predict / Identify and address many unexpected machinery failures that are a crucial part of operations in the manufacturing industry. Below are a few cases where CEM can fasten the process and decrease the downtime.

Do a predictive analysis and perform preventive maintenance for the equipment that can save thousands of dollars that gets wasted if operations face downtime due to machine failure.
With real time risk intelligence in Zapoj CEM any failure key Machinery can be identified and an incident can be registered and intimated to the stakeholders for remedial action.
With CEM’s Location Intelligence you can track and locate machine failures in precession and assign the nearest rightly skilled personnel to work on the issue and reduce Mean time to repair (MTTR).
Create a network of high impact machinery and track their uptime status in a single dashboard.
Handling Unexpected Equipment Failures

Workforce Handling & Safety

While handling machinery is one side of the coin, the other key area in the manufacturing industry is to handle the workforce and provide them a safe and secure work environment.

With Geo fencing technology and real time tracking integrated into Zapoj CEM it helps staff in way-finding in and around threats.
Use Zapoj CEM interactive command center to predict how the next few hours of work is going to be like in critical situations and would help people become more productive and responsive.
Anticipate potential threats in manufacturing industries like sharp edges, moving parts, hot surfaces and more to keep the employees from fatal injuries like amputations, burns, blindness or others.
Workforce Handling & Safety

IT Failure handling

World of manufacturing is shifting towards automation and the internet of things which is the need of the hour. This entire system is based on IT implementation in the organizations that are undergoing digital transformation and cannot afford any IT downtimes which spread across all the departments of the manufacturing company with its legacy systems like ERP, CRM, HRSM and more.

Zapoj CEM can collect the data from IOT devices connected and help in predicting any kind of predictable failures by automating digital workflows.
With built in two communication systems people can interact fast and avoid delay in IT Service restoration.
Minimize the meantime to resolution, thereby eliminating noise, prioritize IT threats, and mitigate them immediately.
IT Failure handling

Supply chain management

From input of raw materials to distribution of finished products, Supplychain is a key factor that can make or break the business operations. Zapoj CEM can be the enabler in solving these problems with risk intelligence tools and location intelligence capabilities.

Location intelligence in Zapoj CEM can prevent risks in logistics by identifying the failures and help in avoiding the impact on logistics and business operations.
Predict the geographical patterns in the critical situations and keep the supply channel ready to increase the sales.
maintain the track of global supply routes and keep the optimal paths active to make sure product is available in times of need and increase the reliability of the brand.
Global threats like pandemics increase the need for syringes and other medical accessories multifold. Tracking the intensity helps in planning the manufacturing and supply pipeline that are life savers.
Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

To respond to business closures because of the facility disruptions, CEM reinforced recovery efforts are the most desirable.

CEM helps you learn the patterns from the past machine failures or seasonal raw material scarcity and helps you be prepared for the situation.
Minimize the impact on the infrastructure of any production unit by estimating and reacting to the intensity of natural calamities happening in and around your units.
Understand the Machine lifecycle and be prepared for the anomalies that would happen in the near future and get the alternate action plan in place.
Steer the Retail IT Incidents

Zapoj for Manufacturing Industry

Knowing the fact that resilience and business continuity are the growth deciding factors of any manufacturing company, leaders of the industry are acknowledging the need for a CEM like Zapoj to address all their event handling issues for a better transparency into their own process and Improved predictive disaster control and recovery. Contact us now for a quick demo on how Zapoj can change the way business continuity is dealt with in the manufacturing industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zapoj Critical Event Management (CEM) platform can support various use cases for the manufacturing industry, including:
  1. Quality Control: CEM can be used to monitor and analyze data from various manufacturing systems, such as machines, sensors, and production lines, to identify potential issues with quality control. This can help manufacturers to prevent defects and improve the overall quality of their products.
  2. Predictive Maintenance: CEM can be used to analyze data from various manufacturing systems to predict when maintenance is needed, this can help to minimize downtime and improve overall equipment performance.
  3. Supply Chain Resilience: CEM solutions help manufacturers to proactively identify, assess, and prioritize potential critical events that could disrupt business operations, such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, and equipment failures. By implementing CEM strategies, manufacturers can minimize the impact of disruptions on their supply chains and quickly recover from unexpected events, ensuring continuity of operations and maintaining customer trust.
  4. Business Continuity: CEM can be used to develop and implement plans to ensure continuity of operations in the event of a disruption. This can include incident response, crisis communication, and business continuity planning.
  5. Risk Management: CEM can be used to identify, assess, and manage various types of risks, such as production risk, market risk, and operational risk. This can help manufacturers to make more informed decisions about production, investments, and operations.
  6. Environmental and safety: CEM can be used to monitor and analyze data from various systems to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, as well as to identify potential safety hazards in the workplace, and to implement procedures to mitigate those hazards.
  7. IT Event Management and alerting: CEM can be used to monitor various IT systems and applications and provide alerts to staff when a potential issue is detected. This can help to identify and resolve issues before they become major problems, helping to minimize downtime and improve overall performance.
Zapoj CEM helps the manufacturing industry to proactively identify, assess and prioritize potential risks and disruptions to the supply chain, production and critical equipment. By implementing CEM strategies, manufacturers can minimize the impact of disruptions on their supply chains and quickly recover from unexpected events, ensuring continuity of operations and maintaining customer trust.
Zapoj CEM can help manufacturers to:
  • Improve risk management
  • Improve supply chain visibility
  • Minimize disruptions to production and supply chain
  • Improve team productivity
  • Enhance decision-making capabilities
  • Improve scalability

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