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CEM for Education

The operations of the Education sector are completely People centric. Considering the volatile nature of critical events like Natural & Man made disasters, IT Incidents, campus shootings, many expected and unexpected threats can impact education institutions in a big way. Any institution needs a CEM to get insights into the trends to improve understanding of the potential risks and anticipate impact on their people, assets, and operation continuity, resulting in executing remediation efforts rapidly

CEM for Education

Prepare for a safe Campus

Having a one-size-fits-all crisis communication tool cannot entirely focus on risk mitigation at campus premises. An AI-powered location aware technology with built-in risk intelligence like Zapoj can help anticipate unpredictable campus events and ramp up the recovery efforts to minimize risk and create a safe campus environment.

The command center built on Zapoj gives a holistic view of its campus events- its surroundings, assets, people by fetching all incident feeds and overlaying them with so many other sources of data feed. This can be used by response teams to derive valuable metrics using AI-powered risk intelligence and assess the trends of threats.
Zapoj CEM gives the emergency response teams the flexibility to preconfigure messages to fit the situations and reach masses with accurate information to those in danger via multi-modal paths - including emails, voice calls, social media, SMS or text messages and many more channels.
Data analytics and reporting provided by Zapoj CEM Dashboard can simplify compliance with the Clery Act that provides guidelines on how universities and colleges can keep their students informed when emergency incidents are unleashed.
Prepare for a safe Campus

Safety of People on and off campus

A safe return to campus emphasizes how higher education institutions should ensure safety and security to health risks for students, faculty, and staff. Zapoj CEM enables a safe campus to allow everyone to connect, maintain, and continue future learning efficiently. By providing all necessary core capabilities to encourage the safe return of students, faculty, administration, management, stakeholders, peers, and staff to the key operations of learning management.

Zapoj CEM powers facility managers with geospatial mapping solutions to quickly identify the risk-prone zones inside the premises of the campus or within a particular space such as library, office, administrative departments, and anywhere in the university.
In case of Pandemic-like situations, Location-based facility mapping by Zapoj instantly sends out notifications about threat interactions for immediate recovery processes. And in parallel, managers can optimize contact tracing to determine the infected person and identity places with higher risks of contact transmission.
Zapoj CEM gives scalability with a number of solutions to effectively manage campus readiness such as Contact tracing, location intelligence for proximity checks, vaccination status, to ensure campus safety and prepare universities to embrace and encourage the safe return to campus.
Safety of People on and off campus

Increasing Accessibility to Learning

Ever-expanding learning environments like colleges and universities need complex IT systems that should provide real time efficiency all the time to suffice the hybrid learning environments ie., on campus and off campus learning models. Zapoj as a leading CEM software can help them boost the efficiency of their IT Service Management tool to provide a fantastic experience for staff, faculty, and students.

The IT support team in your college campus can establish a unified network that escalates real-time alerting and helps reduce the impact of IT incidents.
By analyzing risk data, Zapoj improves visibility into evolving IT threats and helps route incident handling workflows in an automated way.
Zapoj always makes sure your on-call team is ready to solve the IT issues as soon as the issue is escalated. As you build escalation rules, on-call schedule management is much easier.
Increasing Accessibility to Learning

Enhancing Visitor Management Experience

An extreme challenge of a higher education institution is to handle response teams in the time when large groups of students, parents, visitors, and sports fans gather for different events and purposes. Zapoj provides a Visitor emergency communications system blend with Critical Event Management that enables the higher education institutions to leverage the best-in-class emergency mitigations tools for its people to keep them informed, prepare them for safe evacuation, and ultimately keep them safe out of danger.

Zapoj CEM can detect threats and provide the data to the command center. Using geolocation, Zapoj can mark the exact location of the threat and help the emergency rescue team reach the targeted locations and launch the evacuation process.
Location technology also scales as an highly efficient wayfinding system to navigate the large premises with ease. Visitors can locate the right destination without wasting their time in sprawling to different departments and adding to poor visitor experience.
During any critical situations, with the Zapoj CEM, higher educations can responsibly connect with the targeted recipients via Facebook, text, webpage, voice call, and email.
Enhancing Visitor Management Experience

Zapoj for Education

By using the Zapoj Critical Event Management platform, higher education institutions can plan, monitor, mitigate and recover the impacts of critical events more effectively. They can therefore enhance their learning efficiency, improve learning outcomes, and deliver bespoke campus experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zapoj Critical Event Management (CEM) platform can support various use cases for the Education industry, including:
  1. Campus Safety: CEM can be used to manage critical events such as natural disasters, active shooter incidents, and other emergencies on campus. It can help schools to quickly assess the situation, communicate with students and staff, and coordinate a response.
  2. IT Systems Outages: CEM can be used to manage IT system outages, such as network and internet outages, which can impact the ability of students and staff to access learning materials and communicate with each other. CEM can help IT teams to quickly identify the cause of the outage and implement a plan to restore services.
  3. Cybersecurity Breaches: CEM can be used to manage cybersecurity breaches, such as data breaches and phishing attacks, which can compromise sensitive student and staff information. CEM can help IT teams to quickly identify the source of the attack and implement a plan to contain and recover from the incident.
  4. Student Safety: CEM can be used to manage critical events that impact student safety, such as bullying, harassment, and mental health crises. It can help school administrators to quickly assess the situation, communicate with students and staff, and coordinate a response.
  5. Building Evacuations: CEM can be used to manage building evacuations, such as fire alarms and gas leaks. It can help school administrators to quickly assess the situation, communicate with students and staff, and coordinate a response.
  6. Pandemics and Disease Outbreaks: CEM can be used to manage pandemics and disease outbreaks, such as COVID-19, which can impact the ability of students and staff to attend school and learn. CEM can help school administrators to quickly assess the situation, communicate with students and staff, and coordinate a response.
CEM can help educational institutions to:
  • Improve risk management
  • Improve student and staff safety
  • Minimize disruptions to education operations
  • Improve team productivity
  • Enhance decision-making capabilities
  • Improve scalability
CEM helps the education industry to proactively identify, assess and prioritize potential risks and disruptions to the education operations, student and staff safety, and IT systems. By implementing CEM strategies, educational institutions can minimize the impact of disruptions on their operations and quickly recover from unexpected events, ensuring continuity of operations and maintaining student and staff trust.

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